Loon Landing Bedroom (#2 of 4 bedrooms)

Loon Landing Bedroom is located on the top level of the lake house. It has a large window which faces the woods and road side area of the home. It has a full size mattress and a hand carved log bed frame. The bedroom also has a 1950’s cedar clothing cabinet, a pine dresser, southern pine wooden floors and ceiling, a large paddle fan and a wooden statue set into the wall. Please see photos below-

Photo #1 of Loon Landing bedroom

Full size mattress and a hand carved log bed

Photos # 2, 3 and 4 of Loon Landing bedroom

Pine walls, floors and ceiling, 1950’s cedar (built in) clothes cabinet, pine dresser. We also have a fire extinguisher and metal (drop down) ladder in the bedroom
This door leads to the stairs
“A Frame” design

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