Testimonials and photos from our guests whom have stayed at Eagle’s Landing

✨Since we rented privately from June 1st, 2021 to November 30th, 2021, our guest reviews were primarily (shared) journal entries, complimentary emails, text messages and wonderful photos! ✨We have received approval from our guests to share journal entries as well as guest photos in this area of the Eagle’s Landing website.

Eagle’s Landing at Thompson’s Lake LLC opened for business on June 1st, 2021. We have had weekly reservations since opening June 1st, 2021. ✨🦅In December 2021, we decided to place Eagle’s Landing on the online website “Vacation Rentals by Owner” (VRBO) This decision will open up rental possibilities for us as it will increase our visibility and exposure on a much larger scale.🦅✨

Photographs of our happy guests (human and canine)

Some of our happy kayakers – Fall 2021
Enjoying an afternoon paddle boat ride- summer 2021
Michael loading seasoned wood into our woodshed so that guests can then enjoy making their evening beach or fireplace fires.
Kathleen (far left), your host, and guests with our friend Brenda (pink shirt). Brenda is a Native American- Iroquois and she enjoys coming to Eagle’s Landing and sharing her knowledge of Native American culture with our guests. Brenda also loves to observe the Thompson’s Lake Bald Eagle when she hunts for fish from our tall pine tree- beachside.
Buck, our precious canine neighbor, enjoying a swim on Eagle’s Landing beach!
One of our young lake lovers..
View of Eagle’s Landing taken by one of our neighbors ♥️👍🏻- Summer 2021
Sweet and adorable Corgi “Ginger” modeling her Mermaid (swimming) life preserver – Summer 2021
Paddle boat fun- Summer 2021
Happy campers fishing and paddle boarding at Sunset
Fishing adventures from our sturdy dock on Thompson’s Lake.
Little Ginger the Corgi settling in for the evening at Eagle’s Landing Lake House 🐾♥️
Paddle boating fun- Summer 2021
Swimming right in front of Eagle’s Landing. The green floatation item is an O’Brien 18’ water carpet.
Some of our guests swimming at sunset at Eagle’s Landing.
Opal (left) and Shelby enjoying their beach time at Eagle’s Landing- Summer 2021
Enjoying family time in front of the many exterior fire places/ outdoor chimneas at Eagle’s Landing
Family time around the campfire 🔥
Fishing fun – Summer 2021
Happy paddlers as they pass by Eagle’s Landing- Summer 2021
A magical moment- one of our very special guests fishing at sunset on the 4th of July 2021
My wonderful cousin Bill- summer 2021
One of our special guests paddling on one of our 11’ paddle boards in the early morning fog- summer 2021
Our close family friend Norm hanging a pair of Cypress Garden vintage water skis at Eagle’s Landing!
Norm, Bonnie and Ginger enjoying a fall stroll in the garden area next to the lake home.
Canine guest “Rocko” soaking up the sun on the porch at Eagle’s Landing- summer 2021
Catch of the day by a young angler at Eagle’s Landing- summer 2021
Fourth of July 2021 bonfire on the beach- watching the fireworks on Thompson’s lake!
One of our guests fishing off of our sturdy dock on the 4th of July 2021
Enjoying beach and swim time – Eagle’s landing home in the background. (Summer 2021)

Testimonials (in process)

Email me: kathleenarmstrongbernhard@gmail.com

Please be our guest at Eagle’s Landing and we will share the ✨magic✨of Thompson’s Lake and our Bald Eagle with you!✨

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