Magnificent Sunsets at Eagle’s Landing

Eagle’s Landing (beach side) faces the West so we are thrilled to have spectacular sunsets several times per week- especially during the summer months! Here are samples of sunsets taken from the beach as well as the three balconies (beach side) at Eagle’s Landing Lake House. ♥️🦅♥️✨

Magical colors- spectacular reflections

Our little ✨slice of Heaven✨🦅

Photo taken from the shale/rock beach at Eagle’s Landing
Photo taken from the beach at Eagle’s Landing

Thompson’s Lake is often like a mirror. The view from our lake house is truly majestic.

Photo of a section of our beach with our large swimming and fishing dock.
This photo was taken from the main porch at Eagle’s Landing.

Winters sunsets are magnificent too!

During the winter months, the sun sets off the the left of our lake house but you will still have magnificent views from our three balconies and our beach.

The ice and snow drifts on Thompson’s Lake add to the beauty of the sunsets.
(No filter – actual colors)

✨Come and experience the magical sunsets at Eagle’s Landing✨

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