✨We are officially open✨

My very first BLOG for Eagle’s Landing Lakehouse 🦅💙👍🏻 It has been an exciting two years and we have finally opened for business. Our opening day with our first guests was on June 1st, 2021. The first week posed several challenges such as a wobbly dock on the beach, a washing machine which “hopped around” on the spin cycle, a slow drip under a sink, condensation on our water filtration pipes, a missing set of silverware, a log bed that would not stay fastened together.. Fortunately, none of the issues remained problems for very long as neighbors and local friends assisted in rectifying the challenges. We have been most fortunate to have guests with excellent communication skills and also a sense of humor. I encouraged the guests to text or call me 24-7 if they had any issues and I am thrilled that they contacted me when the problems and inconveniences arose so that we could find solutions. The month of June 2021 has had real variations in the weather and a few of the days were boiling hot followed by a few days of constant rain. Fortunately the Lakehouse has a brand new metal roof, new windows as well as a propane heating system and paddle (ceiling) fans so it faired beautifully with the various weather conditions. So, for my first blog, I can happily report that we have happy guests and a very happy host. Kathleen Bernhard 🦅

2 thoughts on “✨We are officially open✨

  1. We are thrilled to be the first
    “resident” guests at this rental! Evening cocktails as the sun sets, morning coffee watching the bald eagle perched looking for his breakfast, relaxing, reading, games, and daily swimming! A perfect gem in the Heldebergs.

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    1. Thank you SO very, very much! We have been thrilled with your excellent communications regarding fine tuning and adjustments, your sense of humor and all of the fabulous suggestions you have both offered to us. We could not have found a better set of residents for our (at times a little rocky) first voyage! We appreciate both you!🦅✨


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