Welcome to Eagle’s Landing Lake House

A little history…Our parents purchased the lake house in the 1970’s when my brother and I were in high school. It was basically a small cottage/camp which we used only during the summer months. In the 1970’s, our parents had the camp raised a level and added a cinderblock foundation as well as a stoneContinue reading “Welcome to Eagle’s Landing Lake House”

The Penny Floor project

We have two floors made out of pennies in Eagle’s Landing Lakehouse. The pennies were primarily donated by friends and family members ♥️✨The first creation was the penny floor for the bathroom on the main floor of the home. A design was chosen for the 12”x12” porcelain tiles and was then duplicated to create theContinue reading “The Penny Floor project”

✨We are officially open✨

My very first BLOG for Eagle’s Landing Lakehouse 🦅💙👍🏻 It has been an exciting two years and we have finally opened for business. Our opening day with our first guests was on June 1st, 2021. The first week posed several challenges such as a wobbly dock on the beach, a washing machine which “hopped around”Continue reading “✨We are officially open✨”

Finding eagle feathers

Much to my surprise, the keeping of an eagle feather is not allowed unless you are a Native American with tribal affiliation. This was a very informative article and I make it a point to tell our guests that it is against the law to keep eagle feathers-unless you are a Native American with tribalContinue reading “Finding eagle feathers”

Spending summers at Thompson’s Lake

My family first purchased a seasonal camp on Thompson’s Lake in the early 1960’s. We called it “the little red camp” and we loved spending the summers in that little cottage. My parents purchased the summer home, now Eagle’s Landing, which is across the lake, in the early 1970’s. I love going out on theContinue reading “Spending summers at Thompson’s Lake”

Naming the Lakehouse

We decided to name the Lakehouse “Eagle’s Landing” because the Thompson’s Lake Bald Eagle visits the Lakehouse several times a week. As part of his dinner seeking ritual, he will sit in one of our tall white pine trees and gaze out onto the lake looking for fish near the surface. A friend of theContinue reading “Naming the Lakehouse”