The Penny Floor project

We have two floors made out of pennies in Eagle’s Landing Lakehouse. The pennies were primarily donated by friends and family members ♥️✨The first creation was the penny floor for the bathroom on the main floor of the home. A design was chosen for the 12”x12” porcelain tiles and was then duplicated to create the bathroom floor. The second penny floor is in the “Bear’s Den” (family room/ lower level of the home) leading to the lake. The second penny floor has 18 tiles- each 12”x24”. Each of these tiles were created using pennies donated by friends and family members. One of the very special penny tiles was created to honor the father of a close friend. That particular tile contains many of her father’s favorite coins.♥️

At first, I had mixed feelings about encapsulating coins in a thick and permanent polyurethane mixture. After finding out it was not against the law to use pennies as a building material, I decided to use these creations to honor the lovely coins as well as my family members and friends. I will never, ever look at a penny the same way again ✨

Penny floor project #2
Penny floor #2- in process
Design of Penny floor #1
Penny floor #2- in process
My good friends Shari and Mark displaying Shari’s father’s commemorative tile ♥️✨
Penny floor project #1- Bathroom floor in process
Kathy’s penny workshop 🌟👍🏻🌟
The completed bathroom floor on the main level of Eagle’s Landing

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