Welcome to Eagle’s Landing Lake House

View from Eagle’s Landing Lakehouse

A little history…Our parents purchased the lake house in the 1970’s when my brother and I were in high school. It was basically a small cottage/camp which we used only during the summer months. In the 1970’s, our parents had the camp raised a level and added a cinderblock foundation as well as a stone fireplace. In the 1990’s my brother added a very large garage and storage area. In 2019, I purchased the home from my parent’s estate and set on a mission to remodel the home and convert it into a 12 month rental home. My mother always referred to the lake house as our “little slice of Heaven” and I am pleased and proud that I can share it with other families.

💙Some of the key features of Eagle’s Landing Lake House are as follows:

🦅The views of the lake are magnificent and you will be treated to beautiful sunsets as the sun sets directly across from our lake house during the summer months.

🦅New windows and sliding glass doors have been added to the home as well as new plumbing and electrical, wired smoke detectors, an “on demand” propane water heating system and a new propane furnace.

🦅The home also has two balconies facing the lake, a stone fireplace with an enameled fireplace insert, hickory flooring, stainless steel appliances, black granite countertops and a granite dining table. We have added new maple kitchen cabinets and a coffee bar/pantry area and a separate wine bar with a wine refrigerator. ✨Glamorous camping is offered with Adirondack style furniture, quality dish-ware, glassware, bed linens and towels.

🦅Taking into consideration that the home is located in the Helderberg Mountains and not the Adirondack Mountains, the rental price is considerably lower due to location. (Comparable lakefront homes in the Adks are renting for over $3500. a week)

Weekly Price- (Enter Sunday at 3pm and leave the following Sunday at 11am) -$1,500 a week 

$250. Per night (I am hoping for a three night minimum due to cleaning service costs)

🦅The cleaning service on Sunday afternoons (11am to 3 pm) is included in the price and will be offered weekly including people staying for more than a week.

🦅The price includes all linens, fabulous dinnerware/stoneware, glassware etc. all new appliances, knotty pine walls, 9’ ceilings, granite countertops and a large granite dining room table. There is a massive exterior porch facing the lake with a barbecue grill and a top lake view balcony, stone interior fireplace, eight kayaks, three paddleboats, two canoes, life preservers and paddles. We currently have two wrought iron chimneas and two fire 🔥 pits.

🦅The home has four bedrooms which have one queen size bed, two full size beds and one of the rooms has a twin size bed. The family room/den area of the home offers a pull out couch with a full size Ethan Allen brand mattress with an additional air mattress on top. There are two newly remodeled bathrooms in the home and the “on demand” heating system allows everyone to enjoy a hot shower.

💙🐾Children and dogs are most welcome and life preservers are available for all size humans and all sizes of canines. An ADK style dog bed is available for your dogs to allow them to experience the rustic yet pampered setting.

🦅The name given to the Lake House pays tribute to our special Thompson’s Lake Bald Eagles. 🦅 The Bald Eagles live at the end of the lake but often sit in the large White Pine tree above our lake home to hunt for fish for their meals.

🦅💙We proudly offer a 210’ foot long shale beach with a gradual slope into the water. The shale can be a little sharp on tender feet so water shoes or sneakers are recommended. A large “swim raft” as well as an extended dock from the shoreline leading out to the water work well for sunbathing, fishing and supervision of children. We also have an 18’ O’Brien “Water Carpet” which is fun and relaxing for all ages. There is a large stone fire pit on the beach as well as several cast irons chimneas.

✨We look forward to you being our guest and are planning for a June 2021 opening date👍🏻✨

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